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Design your profitable lifestyle business.

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In just 4 Weeks you will:


Scale your business without working more hours.


Create systems that run your business for you.

Optimize your time to work less and get more done.

Are you tired of:

🤔 Working late & weekends, when you're supposed to be your own boss?

💸 Trading your precious time for not enough money?

🤹 Juggling 20 different roles as the “Chief Everything Officer”?

🏢 Working “in” your business, instead of “on” your business?

👥 Struggling to delegate because no one does it like you can?

⌛ Feeling like there’s never enough time during the day?

👉 Struggling to decide what to prioritize and what to ignore?

💭 Obsessing about work, even when you’re “off”?

📝 Feeling overwhelmed by your endless to-do list?

🏖️ Not experiencing the true freedom that self-employment was supposed to provide you?

So was I.

👋 Hey there! I'm

Rich Webster

I’m a designer, agency-owner, and entrepreneur.

From all-nighters, to burnout, to 70+ hour weeks, I’ve been there.

Today, I spend less than 15 hours a week running my $500k business.

Now I’m obsessed with teaching people how they can do it too.


My Life Then

I’ve always loved being self-employed.

I love the freedom, the creativity, and the limitless potential.

I would always say, “I’m happy to work double as long as I’m my own boss.

Be careful what you wish for.

I traded in 40 hours a week for working 24/7.

In 2015, I was at my breaking point.

I was working into the nights, on weekends, and was constantly feeling burnt out and overwhelmed.

I was so stressed and frustrated, because I was working 70 hour weeks and still only making just enough to get by. How does that happen?

The worst part was, I’d often look back on a 10 hour day, and feel like I got nothing important done.

Sure I put out fires, answered emails, and looked like I was working, but what did I have to show for it?

They say when the pain gets great enough, we're finally willing to change. And I did.

I spend the next 5 years on a journey to understand why I kept working so much for so little. I studied productivity and business, and slowly developed a system which allowed me to transform my business forever.

That’s how I created 🏖How To Work Less.


My Life Now

Things can change fast.

Last year my design agency had its best year ever.

I brought in over half a million dollars, while working just 10-15 hours a week.

My work appeared in The New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, etc. You name it – I’ve been there.

My videos were viewed over 100 million times.

I worked with celebrities including NBA All Star Baron Davis, Chance The Rapper, Larry King, Bernie Sanders, and Fortune 50 CEO Carly Fiorina.

I have no employees. My team of all-star freelancers handles it all - design, development, video production, and bookkeeping.

I grew my social media following to over 100,000 in 14 months (in just 10 hours a week), by applying the same principles you'll learn in this course.

Living a Work Less life is about doing only what matters, and setting aside everything else. It's about having a vision for your life, and focusing on it deeply.

I want to teach you how you can apply my Work Less system to your business, and finally create the profitable lifestyle business you've been dreaming of.

Here’s how Work Less has changed my life:

🗓 I take a full week off every quarter and work four day weeks most weeks.

🏝 I work from wherever I want.

🧘 I have time to meditate, exercise, travel, walk, read, learn and grow.

🍽 I don't have to check my bank account when I go out to eat at a fancy restaurant.

👾 I was able to pursue my hobby of being a pro gamer and won major tournaments & cash.

💼 My wife was able to quit her 9-5 job and start her own business.

⬆️ Four weeks from now, this could be you! ⬆️

"I can work 20 hours a week doing less and making more money 🙏🏽 Thank you!"

Geraldine Franco

CEO, Geraldine & Co

"It turns out my business really only needs 15 hours of focused time from me per week!"

Chelsea Mae Cullen

Founder, Lean With Plants

57k IG, 60k YouTube

"How To Work Less gave me a clear path to eliminate distractions, find my focus, and use my time effectively. Thanks Rich!"

Adam Gill

Motion Designer & Art Director

What is a Lifestyle Business? 🏖

A Lifestyle Business has three components:


1. Designed around your personal lifestyle goals.


2. Aims to get maximum output from minimal input.


3. Values profit and free time over blind growth and vanity revenue.

If that sounds like your ideal business, here's how to do it...

How Do We Do It?

The Work Less
Formula 🏖

As a solopreneur, I know firsthand that working less is often harder than working more.

That's why I created the Work Less Formula.

It is a simple productivity framework designed to give you absolute clarity on which actions are worth doing if you want to work less and earn more.

🏖How To Work Less gives you the exact steps, resources, and implementation to apply the Work Less Formula to your business, transforming it into a profitable Lifestyle Business.

"Rich is the real deal. He lives what he preaches and has hyper optimized his life to do more in less time."

Chris Do

Founder & CEO, The Futur

2m+ YouTube, 850k Instagram

"Rich is THE ambassador of work smarter, not harder."

Jamie Brindle

Entrepreneur & Agency Owner

133k Instagram, 222k TikTok

"I'm not sure where my public career or business would be without Rich, and to be honest, I don't want to find out."

Richard Fowler

TV Star & Forbes Contributor


How To Work Less

🏖How To Work Less is a 4-week 🔴LIVE cohort-based productivity course where I’ll teach and help you implement everything you need to transform your solo business into a profitable lifestyle business.

During the 4 week experience, you’ll enjoy 8 unforgettable live sessions with me, while connecting with likeminded community members on the same path.

You'll learn the exact frameworks, systems, and tools I use to work less than 15 hours a week on my design agency, while bringing in over $40,000 every month.

I’ve shared these concepts with more than 83 past students, 100,000 Instagram followers, and countless private coaching clients, who have been able to transform their life and their business with my help.

How To Work Less

The Curriculum



👨‍🏫 A crash course in productivity (without reading 100 business books).

🎨 How to use the Work Less Formula to design a lifestyle business.

✅ My Right Thing Framework to know exactly what to work on, each day.

⏰ The 5 simple steps to work a 5 Hour Day.

⚖️ How to use the 80/20 Principle to get more done in less time.

🎁 Bonuses

📑 NOTION TEMPLATE: The 5 Hour Day Planner

✍️ WORKSHEET: Design Your Life

📑 NOTION TEMPLATE: 80/20 Worksheet



🙅‍♀️ How to say NO with zero guilt.

🗓 How to take meetings one day a week.

📭 How to live in inbox zen using the exact strategies I use to spend less than 10 minutes a day on emails.

🛑 How to set boundaries with clients, employees, and yourself, so you’re never “always on call” again.

🎁 Bonuses

📑 NOTION TEMPLATE: Client Portal

🗂 DATABASE: 50 Ways To Say "No"

📑 NOTION TEMPLATE: Communication Policies



⚙️ Create Solopreneur Systems to optimize every part of your business.

🤖 How to automate what you repeat.

💰 How to optimize your Profit System to make more profit per project.

🌟 How to calculate your EHR (Effective Hourly Rate), your north star for every decision you make in your business.

🎁 Bonuses

📑 NOTION TEMPLATE: Solopreneur Systems Database

🎬 VIDEO TRAINING: 60 Minute Sales Masterclass

🔖 RESOURCE: Automation Tools




🤑 How to spend money to buy back time, even if you don’t have a ton of money.

👥 How to build a rock solid all-star virtual team that will increase your output by 10x for 1/10 of the cost, with no risk.

🤝 How to hire and vet freelancers using my secret database of outsourcing companies.

👍 Use the exact tools I trust to manage my team flawlessly with one short meeting a week.

🎁 Bonuses

📑 NOTION TEMPLATE: Freelancer & VA Guide

🗂 DATABASE: Freelancer & VA Hiring Database

🔖 RESOURCE: 50 Ways To Spend $ To Buy Time

Bonus Course / CONCENTRATE


🔕 Lesson 1: Destroy Distractions

🔋 Lesson 2: Effortless Energy

✴️ Lesson 3: Fearless Focus

📑 NOTION TEMPLATE: Destroy Distractions Checklist

📑 NOTION TEMPLATE: Deep Work Checklist

Bonus Course / TABULATE

Time Audit

Lesson 1: How To Time Audit

🔍 Lesson 2: Time Audit Workshop


✍️ WORKSHEET: Time Audit Worksheet


What You'll Get

👨‍🏫 8 Unforgettable Live Sessions with Rich

This is NOT an ordinary lecture. Expect live polls & quizzes, GIFs, emoji reactions, interactive agendas, videos, breakouts, and much more. And if you can’t attend live, don’t worry! All recordings will be uploaded to the course portal. I charge $500/hr to teach this system to my private coaching clients.



🧰 Notion Toolkit: 11 Templates Plus Worksheets, Resources & Exercises

Exclusive for Cohort 3 is the Notion Toolkit. Each session comes with worksheets, resources, and exercises to guarantee you get results, including 11 Custom Notion Templates.



👥 How To Work Less Circle Community

Share wins, get support, and network in our exclusive Work Less Circle Community.



🎁 Two Advanced Bonus Courses

Exclusive access to my TWO Advanced Video Courses, Focus and The Time Audit, when the course concludes. These are SO GOOD they could be their own products, but I'm giving them to you for FREE. Over 6 hours of video content!



🎁 32 Additional Incredible Bonus Resources

These incredible bonuses, which unlock weekly during the course, are worth more than DOUBLE the price of admission alone. See the full list below:

🎁 Notion: Design Your Life

🎁 Guide: The Work Less Formula

🎁 Guide: The Right Thing Framework

🎁 Notion: 80/20 Worksheet

🎁 Notion: 5 Hour Day Planner

🎁 Guide: The 80/20 Rule

🎁 Guide: The 5 Hour Day

🎁 Notion: 50 Foolproof Templates To Say No

🎁 Guide: How To Say "No"

🎁 Guide: The Not To Do List

🎁 Notion: Communication Policy

🎁 Notion: Client-Facing Portal

🎁 Notion: Meeting Template

🎁 Guide: How To Take Meetings 1 Day A Week

🎁 Guide: How To Batch Messages

🎁 Notion: Solopreneur Systems Database

🎁 Resource: Automation Tools

🎁 Guide: Solopreneur Systems

🎁 Notion: EHR Calculator & Spreadsheet

🎁 Guide: Referral Scripts

🎁 Notion: 50 Ways To Spend Money To Buy Time

🎁 Notion: Manager Manual

🎁 Guide: How To Hire Freelancers

🎁 Guide: How To Hire VAs/Admin

🎁 Guide: How To Manage A Team

🎁 Notion: Freelance Database

🎁 Notion: Simple Project Manger

🎁 Resource: The Work Less Manifesto 

🎁 Replay: Clubhouse Masterclass with Chris Do

🎁 Replay: Building A Productive Business Case Study

🎁 Guide: Rich's Key Productivity Tools

🎁 Guide: Productivity Books Guide



🏝 The Business Of Your Dreams


  • Working 10 to 20 hour weeks, while delegating the rest to a trusted team.
  • Traveling without worrying that everything will fall apart while you are gone.
  • Having the time and energy to explore new ideas that interest you, to learn new skills, and start new projects.

That's what 🏖How To Work Less is all about. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your life and business forever.



Total How To Work Less Value: $14,500

Your Investment: $1199

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👥 Lifetime access to the Work Less Circle Community

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🏖️ Everything in Essential

✨ Lifetime access to all future course updates, including live recordings, videos, worksheets, and bonuses.

🧑‍🎓FREE enrollment in our next live cohort to reinforce learning (Summer 2023)

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🥇 Everything in Premium

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Money Back Promise

Rich's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 🤝

I want your investment in this course to be an absolute no-brainer.

So, if you watch the lessons, engage with the materials, and still don’t find the course useful, drop me an email and I'll happily refund your full payment within 15 days of the first lesson.

There is no-risk, just show up. If you’re not happy or seeing results, reach out for a full refund, no questions asked.

The only risk for you now, is the risk of inaction.

I have a tremendous course prepared for you, and I can’t wait to see you on January 9.

Some things to consider...


Limited Spots Available!

Based on our waitlist of 1,600+ people, Cohort 3 will sell out. Don't wait until the last minute to enroll!


Won't Be Taught LIVE Forever

This is your chance to experience the course LIVE with Rich! Don’t miss out on this extra value. Rich’s private coaching starts at $500/hour.


Exclusive Pricing

This is exclusive pricing for our 3rd Cohort. We are raising the price for Cohort 4.


"I wish I had this 5 years ago."

The next four weeks are going to pass no matter what. Don't look back and realize this opportunity could have changed your life and your business forever.

💸 ATTENTION: This may be a business expense. 💸

Many business owners and solopreneurs have been able to write off online courses as education expenses. Always consult with your accountant, bookkeeper, or tax professional, but we are happy to assist you with this process and provide documentation

"As an executive juggling 8,000 balls at once, I used to end my days simply exhausted — and often unclear on what I had even achieved.

Rich's clear, repeatable strategies made me a faster, smarter, more focused professional who achieves 10x more while working 10x less.

I’m able to focus deeply on the things that matter, producing higher-impact outcomes, effectively and quickly. And I’m not miserable, burned-out, and checking my phone late into the night in the process.

Taking this course is a no-brainer. I live better, work smarter, and achieve measurably more."

David Polonsky
Executive Director, 8-Figure Nonprofit

Your Burning Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

The four week course starts on January 9 and runs until February 3. Live sessions will be held twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays at 9am PDT/12pm EDT/5pm CET (view in your time zone). Each live session will include 120 minutes of instruction, followed by an open Q&A.

How much time will the course take?

Expect to attend two live sessions per week, each running for approx. 120 minutes, plus Q&A. Additionally there will be some exercises between sessions. If you can make time to binge a whole season of Netflix, you can make time to attend two powerful sessions a week with me.

What does the weekly schedule look like?

Do I have to attend the live sessions?

Not at all. Two-thirds of our previous students watched at least one session as a replay. You’ll be able to access all of the live session replays in our course portal. You can even watch them at 2x speed if you prefer. 😜

How long will I have access to the course?

If you purchase the Essential package, you'll have lifetime access to your cohort's course recordings, as well as the bonuses and resources. If you'd like lifetime access to FUTURE course updates and enhancements, select the Premium package.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We offer generous payment plans for both our Essential and Premium packages. Both packages give you the option to pay in 3 installments if you're unable to pay the full amount up front. One note - you will end up paying slightly more if you go for the installments option.  

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes! Rich's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures your participation is risk-free. If you join us for the lessons, engage with the materials, and still don’t find the course useful, drop us an email and we'll happily refund your full payment within 15 days of the first lesson.

Will I have private sessions with Rich?

No. The good news is you’ll have plenty of chances to ask Rich questions directly during Q&A and in our course Community. If you’re interested in the additional support and results that private coaching with Rich provides, select our Executive plan for 12 months of access to the 🌴 Work Less Group (limited quantity!).

Can't I just figure this out on my own?

Sure! I did. All of this information is available for free online ... somewhere. What you might not realize, is that it took me about 5 years to learn and distill these insights. Here's what I did:

  • Read 100s of books on productivity, business, and psychology.
  • Watched thousands of hours of YouTube videos.
  • Paid $1,000/hour for business coaching.
  • Made a bunch of business mistakes and learned some lessons the hard way.

So, what are you paying for then?

  • The correct steps, in the correct order.
  • The implementation and resources.
  • The expert coaching and guidance.

Is this a business expense?

It might be! Always consult with your accountant, bookkeeper, or tax professional, but many business owners and solopreneurs have been able to write off online education, such as How To Work Less, as business education or training expenses. We are happy to assist you and provide documentation with this process.   

I have more questions. Who should I talk to?

Send an email to and we will get back you shortly!

Your Work Less Transformation

Before 🤦

Emailing Never Ends 📬

Dreading Pointless Meetings 🤝

Stressed By Digital Distractions 🔔

Constant Interruptions ‼️

Saying “Yes” To Everything 👍

Chasing Low Profit Work 💸

Tolerating Bad Clients 😡

Doing Everything Yourself 😩

Never Having Enough Time 🕠

Repeating Boring Tasks 🔁

Struggling To Focus 🎯

Getting Nothing Done ⏰

🏖 After

⏲ Checking Email Twice A Day

🗓 Meetings One Day A Week

🔕 Notifications Silenced

✋ Clear Boundaries

👎 Saying “No” By Default

🤑 Focused On High Profit

😇 Finding More Of The Best Clients

👥 Delegating To A Team

🕰 Spending Money To Buy Time

✅ Create Checklists & Systems

🧠 Focused, Deep Work

✨ Important Work Done First


Don't Buy This If...

👤 You have a boss.

This course is designed for people who are self-employed (or working towards it). The last thing I want to do is teach you how to halve your work hours, and then have you still have to sit at a desk from 9-5 anyway.

⏰ You don't have control over your time.

How To Work Less is all about freedom and flexibility, and if you can’t set your own schedule, you’ll have a hard time getting the benefits. 

⚖️ You're not ready to change.

Running a lifestyle business requires learning how to say "No." You will have difficult tradeoffs. You will prioritize freedom and flexibility over growth. You will say "No" to things that seem good, because they are not great. It will test you, but you will have plenty of support.

🤷 You love being busy.

Some people love being busy. They thrive in emergencies, chaos, and craziness. They say yes to everything. This course is not for them.

💰 You're not making money yet.

If you’re not making money yet, working less is not your problem. This course can come later. This course is for people who are earning revenue as a solopreneur, and are ready to create the business of their dreams.

✍️ You're not ready to do the work.

If you can make time to binge a whole season of Netflix, you can make time to attend 8 powerful sessions with me. I’ve packaged this course to be as potent, efficient, and effective as possible, but there is one missing ingredient: your commitment. If you don't attend the lessons and do the assignments, you won't get the results.

This Course is For:

🙋 Solopreneurs

👩‍🦳 Freelancers

👩‍🎨 Creators

👩‍💻 Founders

🧑‍🏫 Educators

🏅 Coaches

🎤 Speakers

🚀 Entrepreneurs

🎨 Artists

📚 Authors

👨‍💻 Designers

⚙️ Developers

✍️ Bloggers

🎙 Podcasters

👩‍💼 Consultants

🧑‍💼 Business owners

💪 Trainers

⚖️ Lawyers

👨‍💼 Experts

🤳 Influencers

👋 You!

Basically, anyone with full control over their time and decisions.

Learn To
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A failproof system to work less.


$5,000 Worth Of Bonuses

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How To Work Less

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